My Past, Present and Future

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Words That Float Through My Head

My head is so full of words that seem to float there, strangling me to come out, So here they are...With no particular order to their reason!

writing in the dark
picking up shattered pieces of me
wishing and wanting
a love so true
fragments of time
so far in the past
so near my heart
voices inside my head
screaming your name
hurting inside
hoping and praying
they're wrong
eternal flame of love
so strong and true
futily fighting
gone so long
unwanted fear
of unknown origin
choking my life
promises of forever
I BELIEVED in you when no one else would or could
My faith in you never wavered
I loved you with every fiber of my being
I trusted you with my heart
my body, my mind and my soul
My very essence of being
I let you lie to me
whole heartedly believing every word
Didn't think you could hurt me
Even though I knew you
I sometimes think that I'm beyond repair
Its not fair
brought me from despair
kissed away the hurt
So young and naive
how could I see
what we would be